OxyFresh for Fresh Breath in Clinton Township

Everyone suffers from bad breath at one time or another. We all know how embarrassing and limiting it can be. But some people suffer from chronic bad breath and that can be psychologically damaging, even resulting in the loss of relationships or jobs. It certainly isn't something to laugh at. Unfortunately, most people who suffer from chronic bad breath turn to over the counter medications, which can cause bad breath to become worse!

If you suffer from bad breath, Dr. Mindy and our hygiene team can help. Almost 90% of bad breath originates in the mouth, not the stomach. Periodontal disease resulting from poor oral hygiene is a significant cause of bad breath, but the tongue is also a major source of bad breath. The rough surface of your tongue can trap food and bacteria, and these substances generate volatile sulphur compounds, the primary cause of bad breath.

We offer OxyFresh, a product clinically proven to eliminate odors through the oxidation of these volatile sulphur compounds to eradicate bad breath, not cover it up. The OxyFresh system consists of an alcohol-free mouth rinse, toothpaste, mints, an amazingly effective tongue scraper, and an aloe vera and oxygen gel that you massage into your gum line. Visit the OxyFresh website for more information.

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