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General, Preventive, Restorative, & Cosmetic Dentistry

A healthier, more beautiful smile - isn't that what you want now and for the future? Regular, comprehensive dental care can help you retain your sensational smile for years to come. Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel and our team look beyond the surface, beyond the moment, to the future health of your mouth and your body.

General and Preventive Dentistry

Helping you maintain your oral and general health begins with regularly scheduled dental checkups. These visits should be on your calendar every six months. With that frequency, your dentist in Clinton Township will be able to effectively monitor the condition of your teeth and spot problems before they have a chance to advance. Your teeth are also cleaned and polished during checkups in order to remove plaque and stain-causing debris.

Restorative Dentistry

 If Dr. Salzberg-Siegel does find a problem during an exam, then we have the treatment that will restore your natural looking smile. For example, a cavity can be quickly repaired with a tooth-colored filling that blends seamlessly and provides a strong restoration. More serious tooth damage may call for other restorative treatments such as an inlay or onlay or a dental crown. Your dentist in Clinton Township will recommend the best solution for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Once the health of your smile is assured, then you and Dr. Salzberg-Siegel can begin to discuss the appearance of your teeth. Perhaps there are a few cosmetic or structural defects that detract from your smile. In that case, we have the appropriate cosmetic procedure to correct an unsightly tooth or even several.

You and Dr. Salzberg-Siegel will decide which one or combination of treatments is necessary, including:

Sleep Apnea

Do you feel tired during the day? Does someone in your family complain about how loudly you snore at night? These are two of the most common signs of sleep apnea, a medical condition that could be robbing you of restful sleep.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Dr. Salzberg-Siegel can prescribe a custom-fitted oral appliance called a snoreguard. Worn nightly, a snoreguard shifts your lower jaw slightly forward in order to keep your airway open. A snoreguard is comfortable and easy to keep clean.

TMJ Therapy

The temporomandibular joints are located on both sides of your face just in front of your ears. They allow you to open and close your mouth so you can speak, chew, smile, laugh and yawn. If a jaw joint problem develops, however, then this simple movement can be painful. Dr. Salzberg-Siegel will evaluate your circumstances and recommend a Jaw Joint Management Protocol.

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Your Personal Invitation

We invite you to explore our website, browse our Smile Showcasemeet our team, and review our services. Then call the Clinton Township dental office of Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel today to reserve your personal consultation. For more than 25 years, we've delivered the personalized care and excellent service our patients deserve – and they can't stop smiling!

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