Out Clinton Township office uses an innovative system called CariFree® to stop tooth decay before it starts. We first swab your teeth to collect a sample of your plaque so that we can measure the amount of cavity-causing bacteria. Then, we determine whether you have a caries infection - the main cause of cavities. The test takes just a few seconds and is absolutely painless!

If we find that you have a high level of bacteria combined with high risk for developing a cavity, we'll recommend remineralization therapy, homecare and dietary advice, and treatment. We want to partner with you to reduce your incidence of tooth decay and create more predictable results for lasting dentistry. Visit the CariFree® website for more information.

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We invite you to explore our website, browse the photo gallery, meet our team, and review our services. Then call the Clinton Township dental office of Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel today to schedule an appointment. Patients from across the area have trusted us with their smiles for over 25 years. We'd love to enhance your smile, your health, and your life!

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