Is Your Dental Team Working Hard For You?!

October 11, 2011

News From Sophia:            

Greetings friends!  

We had such an energizing team meeting this morning and just had to share more about it with you.  At Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel’s office, we are continually focused on how we can better serve our patients and exceed their expectations. The focus of our team gathering today was “Communication, Let’s Bridge the Gap.” 

We know not only is it important that we have an open line of communication with our patients regarding their dental goals but also among our team to help patients achieve those goals. 

Communication and Team-Building Exercises help us to:

1) Improve patient flow, thus decreasing time patients have to spend in the office

2) Learn more about our personalities and thus work better as a team

3) Generate an efficient and productive learning environment to better serve our patients

3)Implement new sterilization techniques and stay up to date with technological advancements

4) Keep chair side assistants and hygienists ‘on their toes’ and in tune to patients’ needs during procedures

5) Learn new techniques for administrative staff to assist in financial planning and convenient scheduling for patients

“Our greatest reward is that patients continue feeling great about their dental care and truly enjoy the time they spend with us.”  -Dr. Mindy


Do you have any input or suggestions for team building exercises?!  We would love to hear them!  Please post!

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