How are you adjusting to your “Back to School” Schedule?!

September 26, 2011

School’s finally in full swing again, and that means you’ll have new academic goals, sporting events, and nutritional concerns to think about.   And although juggling all of these responsibilities can seem challenging, with a little effort you can make this year both healthy and safe.

Everyone looks forward to Friday night football, and the start of a new school year means football games are back.  But whether your child’s out there in the huddle or is involved in a different sport, like soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, or softball, a mouth guard is important. Besides protecting teeth, mouth guards can also protect an athlete’s lips, tongue, jaw, and face. What’s more, they can even reduce the severity of concussions. Make sure your child is protected with a custom-fitted mouth guard from our Clinton Township office.  This type of appliance is made by a professional lab to protect teeth while allowing the jaw to rest in a proper position during game play.

And don’t forget to keep your athletes healthy with nutritious school lunches!  Even if your child buys one at school instead of taking one, you need to make sure he or she is eating right. Nothing’s wrong with a cookie or two, but lunches high in sugar and empty carbs can wreak havoc on teeth.

Now that your schedule is even more demanding, it is crucial to remember to take time for yourself!  Here are some of our tips for keeping your sanity:

1)      Create room to write notes in the margin!

Spending an extra 20-30 minutes before bed reading your favorite book, mag or surfing the net to de-stress.

2)      Tune out!

DVR your favorite TV shows so that you can enjoy one at least twice a week, whenever you can sneak it in.

3)      Get Active:

Even 30 minutes of physical activity per week can significantly decrease stress.  Even walking store to store in your favorite shopping mall counts!

4)      Keep Dinner Sacred:

Cell phones stowed away please!  Spend the few moments at the dinner table as a family enjoying a meal and chatting about the daily events.  It may be the only chance you get!

5)      Automate Bill Pay!

If you haven’t done this yet it is a must.  Get one more thing off of your list. Spend a few hours with your banking institution or directly with the companies to schedule automatic debits or checks issued on the same date every month.  That way things are always paid on time and it is one less hassle.

Ok now…what are your ideas?!  Let’s get involved in helping each other out! Please post below some of your tips and tricks for surviving the school year.

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